duminică, 19 octombrie 2014

Stroboscoape auto masina de tractare-170 ron


Stroboscoape alb-galben pentru masini de interventie.Puternice ca iluminare.Modul comanda cu 3 moduri de lucru.Usor de montat.Import Anglia.170ron 0722327887

    Car Emergency Light 6 Bars Warning Strobe Lamp
    Condition: 100% Brand New
    Color: Like the picture show
    Light Color:27 LEDs Amber,27 LEDs White
    6 Panels,54 LEDs: 9 LEDs per Panel
    Working Voltage: 12V DC
    Output Power: 30W
    Exterior Wire: 6
    Each Wire Length: Approx.240 cm
    Dimensions Each panel: 7.09"(L) x 1.57"(W) x 1.38"(H)
    Control box supply Button A/B/C for 3 flashing patterns
    - Each light bar contains 3 led lights
    - Each light head cotains 3 LEDs for a total of 9 LEDs per a bar
    - 3 different modes of strobing / flashing
    - Up to 30,000 hours life expectancy
    - Great for interior headliners
    - Affordable strobe lights for your exterior grille
    - Easy Installation,can be mounted on many locations
    Three Different Pattern Selections:
    1.Strobe Pattern A: Alternating fast strobe.
    2.Strobe Pattern B: Alternating single strobe.
    3.Strobe Pattern C: Simultaneous strobe.
    Package includes:
    6 x Bar Warning Strobe Lamp
    3 x Bolts Packs
    6 x Exterior Wires
    1 x Control box

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